Dog walking is a great way to exercise and stimulate your dogs mind. With busy work and life schedules the dog walking 

usually gets pushed to the bottom of the priority list. That's where 4 Paws comes in, book your dog in for weekly dog walking sessions with us and you will no longer need to fill guilty when it gets pushed aside.

There is a range of services to pick from, guaranteed at least one of them will suit your dog!  


The ultimate doggy adventure for social dogs. 

Our private fully fenced in dog parks located in Thirroul & Berkeley is the perfect environment for your dog to socialise with other friendly dogs.

We take a small group of dogs for an hour of play without the risk of having unfamiliar and potentially unsocial dogs approaching us.

1 walk a week - $40
2 walks a week - $70
Walks are 60 minutes long excluding travel.

Additional dogs from the same household will receive a 50% discount.




Aggressive, reactive and non social dogs welcome!
Single household walks for non-social dogs is $60 for 1 hour - includes travel.

Human reactive dogs will be assessed and may require training beforehand. 

Dog Friends


Pack walks are great social outings for dogs that enjoy the company of other dogs. They can be on lead for those dogs who's recalls aren't 100% or off lead for those dogs who love to run around and get out that extra energy. 

Dogs will be matched accordingly to find their most suited pack friends and will include 2-4 dogs in each group.


Off lead pack walks will take place at a dog friendly beach or park.

For dogs to go on pack walks they need to be friendly with other dogs and those that want to go on off lead walks must have a very reliable recall.

1 walk a week - $35

2 walks a week - $65

60 minutes

Additional dogs from the same household will receive a 50% discount


Solo walks are for dogs who don't enjoy the company of unfamiliar dogs or dogs that like to stroll along at their own pace. Single walks are great for older dogs or puppies who can't walk as far or as fast, we can allow them lots of breaks for rest and let them sniff until their little hearts are content.  

Dogs from the same household can go on single walks together if they are manageable to walk together. 

30 minutes - $27

60 minutes - $49

Additional $5 per dog from the same household if walked together

Walking with Dogs
Dog Walk

Walk & Trains are for those dogs that need some extra help with walking nicely when out and about. Prior to walking we will find out what your dog is having difficulty with, what training tools you are using and what commands you use, then we can work what would be most effective use of the walk.

Walk & Trains can be a continuation of what you are already teaching your dog and slotting into your training to add in some extra reps or it can be for those not knowing where to begin or troubleshooting issues. 

Walk and trains are conducted by one of 4 Paws trainers and are suitable for reactive dogs and pullers.

1 walk a week - $45/walk

2 walks a week - $40/walk

3 walks a week - $37/walk

5 walks a week - $35/walk

30 minutes/walk


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