4 Paws pet care is a trusted and professional pet care business servicing the Illawarra in pet sitting, dog training and dog walking.

4 Paws knows pet owners need flexible and reliable services because no pet is ordinary or the same. This is why 4 Paws offers a range of home visiting services that can be customised for the convenience of the pet owners and to the needs of their pets. When booking with 4 Paws you will have piece of mind knowing exactly who is caring for your pets every time. 



4 Paws aims to keep your doggy companion as comfortable as possible while you are away from home. There are many benefits to leaving your dog at home while you are away, the two big ones are, it minimises unnecessary stress, yes it is stressful for pets when their owners are away so why also change their environment and add to that stress? It also eliminates the chance of catching diseases that they can pick up while being boarded such as canine cough (kennel cough).


Home visit are suitable for most dogs and we can usually work around their routine. We can let them out in the morning to either go to the toilet or stay out for the day and put them back inside for the night. We can spend visits playing games of fetch or just snuggling on the lounge, whatever you pup likes. General visits include feeding, refreshing water, home duties and you can even add on a walk.




We all know cats are creatures of habit, that is why 4 Paws home visits are the perfect fix for when you are away. It allows them to stay in their happy home, ruling 'their' kingdom of course, and keeping stress to a minimum.

We can visit your cat once or twice a day, visits include feeding, refreshing water, cleaning kitty litter, play, cuddles and snuggles as well as general house keeping duties - mail collection, putting bins in and out, watering pot plants.

We do understand that some cats like to be outside during the day however we recommend that you keep your cat indoors while you are away. We can let your cat out during the day if you really want us too however if your cat isn't waiting to be let back inside at the afternoon visit it may spend the night outside.

If your cat isn't the affectionate type or doesn't like visitors we can do quick check ups just to make sure they are ok and happy, have fresh food and water, then get out of their hair and let them go about their day as they wish.


4 Paws understands that not all pets need someone hanging around for long visits that's why we offer quick visits for animals of the independent, shy and scaly variety.

We can come in and check that you pet is ok and happy, fed, give them fresh water as well as home duties like collecting your mail and putting the bins in and out.

If your pocket pet is more of the interactive and affectionate type then we are happy to book a longer visit to include play time and cuddles, brushing/grooming and cage cleaning if needed.



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