Lickimat is designed by an Australian company, passionate about creating innovative products that improve the happiness and well-being of pets.

LickiMat is an innovative and fun enrichment aid, designed to keep your pet stimulated and entertained. Created by veterinarians for both dogs and cats, Lickimat helps occupy bored pets, calm stressed pets and slows down those who eat too quickly!

The LickiMat Wobble is a unique bowl with raised dimbles on the inside suface, to offer extra stimulation when licking. Suitable for use with Wet, Raw, Soft or Liquid Foods, the Wobbling motion adds an extra challenge and prolonged enrichment experience. The Lickimat Wobble is dishwasher safe, making clean up easy and hygenic.

Licking releases endorphins which help your pet feel calm, while stimulating saliva production that protects teeth and gums and freshens breath. Lickimat reduces calorie intake, by making small tasty treats last longer which in turn reduces the risk of over feeding. Try freezing in summer for a cool treat or extra challenge!

Great as a positive distraction for pets that get nervous during veterinary visits, grooming, bath time or nails clips.


  • Made from thermoplastic rubber and PET plastic


  • The LickiMat Slomo is suitable for small to medium dogs. It's ideal for dogs who eat their food too quickly


  • Features two textured surfaces you can use to spread wet food, dry food or treats for your dog


  • The Slomo slows down your dog's meals, forcing them to lick their LickiMat to enjoy their meal


  • Eating more slowly encourages a healthy digestive system. Licking also keeps your dog occupied and happy


  • Licking a textured surface scrapes bacteria from your pet’s tongue for a healthier mouth and fresher breath


  • Dishwasher and freezer safe

LickiMat -Wobble